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Regular engine maintenance will optimise your engine performance and ensure your vehicle will service you for a very long time. At J&P Anton Motors, our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to thoroughly test and accurately determine engine problems. If you are experiencing any engine noises such as knocking or tapping, stalling, engine lights on or flashing, attend to the warning signals to avoid escalating problems and costs.


Today's modern vehicles are fitted with complex electrical systems that control almost every driving function. At J&P Anton motors, we use specialised diagnostic equipment as well as having access to technical information relating to your vehicle to identify the cause of the electrical problem. Electrical problems can affect functions in steering, brakes, sensors etc. and should be checked immediately. The most common electrical problem is caused by a dead battery or bad battery terminals, alternator and starter.



At J&P Anton Motors, our skilled technicians specialise in minor and major engine repairs, rebuilds and exchanges. All engine exchanges are fully guaranteed for quality and performance. The most typical causes for car engine problems are normal mileage wear and tear, poor maintenance, lubrication and excessive overheating. The most typical sympotms are excessive tailpipe smoke, oil consumption, knocking or tapping sounds, oil leaks, low compression and pressure. In some cases it is more cost effective to rebuild or replace the engine.



The transmission is an important component of a vehicle as it influences its performance. Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears (automatically or manually) to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio in order to deliver power to the wheels in an efficient manner based on the speed of the vehicle. Automatic transmissions need regular servicing to ensure maximum performance, economy and service life. Manual transmissions also need servicing although this usually includes less complicated tasks, such as replacing the fluids and/or making minor adjustments.

It is important to have your brakes checked regularly for safety reasons. Regular brake checks will determine whether your vehicle requires new brake pads, brake discs or if the braking system is in need of repair. There are a number of components in the braking system which can cause brake failure. Should you experience a grinding noise, this indicates that the brakes pads have reached its minimum thickness and need changing. If your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, this may indicate there is a problem with the brake's hydraulics. At J&P Anton Motors, we can replace brakes on all makes and models, and use genuine and after market brands such as Bendix, ADR, EBC and many more.


Regular servicing is important to keep your vehicle in top condition. If you are experiencing any problems with your vehicle don't keep putting it off! This can result in major damages and put your safety at risk. At J&P Anton Motors, we provide a personalised service for you to ensure your vehicle meets the highest possible standards of performance and safety.


Your car's suspension system and components must be in good working condition to ensure your driving safety. The function of the suspension system is to provide smooth travel by keeping the tyres in contact with the road and allowing control of the steering and braking systems effectively. The key components of your suspension system are made up of struts, shock absorbers, springs and tyres. At J&P Anton Motors, we can replace suspension components with genuine or after market brands.


Reliable air conditioning & heating is vital in keeping you in driving comfort. At J&P Anton Motors, we take care of all your air-conditioning and heating problems. We specilaise in all repairs and services, condensers, compressor replacements, air-con regas and heater cores.


If your heating system is not working properly, it is important to have it checked out as this may indicate that the ccoling system is not operating efficently. Overheating may result in engine damage. To help maintain the car airconditioner system, it pays to run the system for a few minutes at least once a week – no matter how hot the temperature may be. This ensures that the many hoses, valves and pumps throughout the system are kept well lubricated.


Regular services will ensure your clutch is in working order. Drivers of manual vehicles often get into bad habits and drive into wrong gear, riding the clutch when they are not switching gears and fail to see the warning signs of a failing clutch. Adopting proper driving techniques will protect your clutch and/or transmission from damages over time and can avoid expensive repair costs. At J&P Anton Motors we use only reputable clutch brands.

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